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I’m the baddest bitch I run this school

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I'm thinking of joining, but I'd like to review your RP. I enjoy RP a lot, but I'd like to see your ways, so where is the RP located? As well, is there a specific area for joining? I've been looking around yet I can't find it.

Hi! Sorry for… getting to this message awful late, but this is the masterlist. You’ll need to follow all the blogs listed here, and after that, RPing will be located on the dash. 

We’re .. kinda slow right now but some spots have opened up—!! 

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It's been real, FP, but I gotta go my own way an' grow up some more! Thanks fer bein' here, though. I'll never forget. Please remove me from the rosters.

I feel you. Removed…!

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well!!!! it's been fun and real but i think i'm going to have to drop sweet precious perfect hika 8( i had lots of fun here

Dropped for you

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sorry i have to drop lucas because i hate him

Sorry…to…hear that.. poor guy.


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gonna drop Lyra, thanks for your time!!

Thank you for your time, dropped!

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hiatus touya pls

Hiatused until 3-12~~~

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dropping roxie, roxanne, and barry gomen thank you for having me!!

Dropped all of them for you!

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Giovanni reporting to teach statistics and research 4.

Welcome aboard, sir!

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hiatus kris :3

Hiatus until 2-18 

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